I apologize for nothing_
When you cut yourself on broken shards_
Why waste your time_
It was half empty_
The remedy lies within this blade
To cleanse myself dry_
Anything to escape these ties_
You won't own this soul
When there's no shade_
Of course you would shadow over me_
Sheltered with no mirror_
Just reflection
This Bloodline is poison...


Fuck your love_
Fuck your life of need_
For what you fiend_
So easy to decieve_
Through soft skin_
Desires control your mind_
Sex corrupts you_
The selfish will control the needy_
Love is for the greedy_
Love is for the weak_
Love is for the weak_
You can't take this hate away from me_
I am never coming back home_


Don't cry_
Just scream for me_
When I cut you wide open_
Take back what's mine_
From this greed infested_
Fuck fiend_
Dysfuntional rotting queen_
So keep your precious eyes closed_
I never wanted you to see this_

Let me in once more_
I'll show you the way_
What it feels like to be_
To be nothing_

I remember when you once meant something to me_
So don't feel lonely when I bury you alive_
The only way to erase infected pieces of you_
Disease my flesh_
I struggle to rip the skin off_

Love is for the weak_
Begging to a whore_
I'd rather burn in hell_
Than live to feel your warmth_

Die whore_


I smell the scent_
Oozing like bait_
From your thighs on to your breasts_
I want to taste your flesh_
Do these things to you_
Feel the gears turning_
As I spread you open_
Going to eat you alive_
Fuck you when you're dead

Give Yourself to me_
Industrial whore_

Romance is zombified_
But we can bring it back from the dead_
Stitch you tight with dirty needles and thread_
So I can reopen your sores_
We can feel this together_

You know you're sexier_
When you're dead_


What you're looking for was never here_
Dead weight to mold_
In reflections of the vain_
You'll find a vacant body_
Growing hollow_
Still warm inside_
Slowly disintegrating_
Nothing left to sacrifice_

Suffocating by your expectations_
From this branch that hangs me_
Above these dreams as dead as me_
Nothing left to give_
You consume every last piece of me_
Until I stand for nothing_
Nothing at all_

Of self worth_
Self Worth

Kill me_
I'm a slave_


A leech dependent on thievery_
Is the only way you know_
How to dig your way in_
Push yourself in_
Push yourself in_
Into the only thing I trust_
Is my only thing I trust_

Break your way in_
Let yourself in_
This is not yours to take away_
Go make your own way_

Pry open the way_
Lines don't exist_
Fuck the boundaries_
To please a selfish little bitch_
You couldn't do it yourself_
So you had to feed off_
The only thing I trust_
Is my only thing I trust_

One inch equals a mile_
When nothing ever satisfies_
The leeches and flies_
Swarm the carcass_
Nobody can feel this_
If you couldn't have it_
Then no one can_

Fill yourself empty_


We stole this body from the morgue_
And hung it from a tree_
Filled with blood, puss and candy_
Stitched to be beaten_

Come hit the body_
Dead body_

Bats raised_
Now this corpse is going to get battered_
And degrated beyond open casket recognition_



Blow away the ashes_
To make room for the next big fling_
Old pussy never fucks like the new_
Same shit_
Different stench in the air_
Don't take it personal_
We've just grown tired of you_

Step aside_
We throw you to the waste side_
To make room for the next big thing_
For what's better than you_

So tell me are you as perfect_
As they sell your body_
Beautified piece of meat hanging_
Counting down with a shelf life_
So what's it going to be_
The next big thing inside you_
Is a dick of a producer_

Don't be so distant_
You owe us everything_
If it wasn't for us_
You'd be nothing_
So don't forget to smile_
We already know everything about you_


All alone with the one thing_
That sits so cold on me_
Resting on top of me_
So quietly_
A last resort_
But always comes first_
When I lost all hope_
I'm still gripping the only thing_
That keeps me on the edge of sanity_

I need my fuck puppet_

Jack me off with authority_
Like you mean it_
Just like that_
Just like that_
Oh you like it_
When I'm lonely_

No longer the fucking loser_
with encouragement of the screen_
And the inspiration of my left hand_
All for the pleasure to feel numb_
Because now I bought you_
Too bad you can't feel_
What it feels like to be my whore_

I need you_

Fuck Puppet_



You won't own me by fear_
A dark cloud overhead_
Full of rusty nails
Come crashing down_
If we don't follow you've lost control_

March in single file_
Follow the line_
X where your mind is_
Where it once was_

Dead to all_
If we don't follow this line_
Set to be like the rest_
They will own the thoughts_
Inside our heads_
The slate is empty_

Single file_


I never stop to think about how the world views me_
Fuck your success_
Because when it comes down to it_
Maybe I'm as simple as you think_
Here to fuck this place up_

Always outnumbered_
But I still come with a vengeance_
Going to burn every bridge in this town_
Get behind me or get out of the way_
You're going to get mowed down_

Is it hard to breathe_
When your head is so far up your own ass_
Show me how respectable you are_
Saving face and shine us all_
Brightest star in the sky_
Made of pity and ego_

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