4. Dirty Priest



As I watch the Priest_ They can do whatever they want_ Because they are just so fucking holy_ If you got enough power_ The law grants you to have the right_ Selling the image of Christ as they rape your children_ Don’t worry Jesus told them it was alright_ Only blessing the holy spirit_ Putting a spell on you_ Only blessing the holy spirit_ In your closed mind_ Migrating from church to church_ Praise the lord as your blindfolded_ Infesting and nesting_ When you’re not looking_ They’re just so fucking holy_ Blinded by the so called light_ They can’t be touched_ But they’ll touch your children_ In the house of god_ Built off of lies_ Impurity_ Is next to godliness_ Infection_ Is next to godliness_ Contamination_ Is next to godliness_ This is your purity_ This is your purity_

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