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I made the mistake of seeing your shitty band. Thank god I didn't pay for the show. I can see why you need costumes, your song writing is shit. The guitar player sucks and has no skill. Pathetic.
hi to you all i miss you and the death you bring to my head!
Oh yeah, Definitely looking forward 2 the show @ the ken club. Till then, "crack on!
Stick to it guys., Though it need not be said, but what the hell FUCK THE CRITICS! I really enjoy the music. Will forward it to my buddy stationed in Guam. My chick is into it as well. Keep cracking !!! Seig Fryel
you guys are nothing but a bunch of Squirrelly Brats. Go back to school and get a fuckin' life!
Ha to the fans of squirrelly arts i mis you all be rede for 2010 its going to be Death in numbers yell sea.
Awesome show in Point Loma last night!!! You guys are brilliant. Crikey...
The name of that song was "FUCK"... They are all named "FUCK"... so why don't you just... GO FUCK YOURSELF?!?!?! If I cum on my own face... is that gay? LMFAO!!! C U @ C&B on the 5th!
I'd like to buy one of your stupid t-shirts; they look like crap anyway and I think they would make for good use as a good doo-doo-rag to pick up after my dog when he takes a shit! You guys suck!!!
Fucking great. I love it.
U suk penis hed
I went to you guys concert at the brick by brick show.. it was of the hook... something new hope to see you guys again....
Yea Yea.... Just another place to spread the fuckin love.... LOL
You guys rock!!! Love the site! Can't wait to see you guys groooooow
Excellent .....commentally a bit place for show purposeason..
You guys are fags, you will rot in hell cuz God hates fags!!!
ur songs r addictive ;) keep it up guys
nice address guys, keep up the good work

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