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The third local band this evening deserves their own paragraph in this review–Squirrelly Arts. These guys are absolutely fantastic – from great Industrial Metal to a captivating stage presence – if you ever have a chance to see these guys live, you have to check them out. SA features two vocalists, one male and one female. Zombie13, the male, uses more Black Metal style vocals, while the female has a deep Death Metal growl that I never would have known came from the throat of a woman had I not seen them play live. They are a local favorite amongst the Industrial/Metal crowd, and they never disappoint – from spitting blood onstage, to Zombie shuffling about with his pants down, making fun of how small his dick is, and humping band mates – they always entertain. Some of the songs they played were “Plastic Bitches,” “Give Yourself to Me,” and “Fuck Puppet.” - Jaymie Burzette

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The opening band was Squirrely Arts, an Industrial Metal band from San Diego. They were hard, heavy, and bloody, and played music so thick you could bite into it. The band members were dressed up in gore and gruesome masks, along with bloody lab coats and overalls. One of the vocalists was a girl dressed in a sexy bride outfit who sang in quite impressive growling screams. Seriously, I’ve never heard a girl with that kind of range. Their bassist rocked a glorious five-string bass and their lead vocalist had a great stage presence. I have to hand it to a guy with the balls (no pun intended) to play two songs in his boxers. Overall, the band was quite enjoyable and I’ll definitely check them out again.” - Jaymie Burzette

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